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Finding it hard to get motivated

I’m finding it really hard to get back into exercise.
I sprained my thumb in October and haven’t really done much since.
It shouldn’t have effected my exercise routine that much, other then netball, but I used it as an excuse not to do anything.

So far this year I’ve played netball once and went for lots of walks. I was running 5k 2-3times a week and swimming and playing netball and going to the gym before I got injured so it isn’t enough.
I love exercising and I actually enjoy the gym so I don’t know what’s stopping me from getting back into it.

So I’m off to the gym tonight and dreading it. I’ve got the 5k training plan back out and going to start working my way through that then move back onto the 10k plan I was following end of last year. I’m also thinking about getting a bike.

Weight Watchers

Weight in 13/1/09

I lost half a pound last night, which I’m happy about because I found it very hard last week to get back on track.
I’ve decided what I need to do is Core this week, I’m going to weight and point like a good little (big) discovery girl but I’ve redone my weeks menu plan back to what I used to eat on core.
There wasn’t that many changes really, got rid of the bread and cheese I’d put down just because I had points to use that day and if I have chips they will be core chips.
I feel better just looking at my plan for the week now.
I’m back to 9lbs from goal again and trying to stay positive that I will make it to goal this time!
Wed 1st October 2008
My first day back on track went well. I felt in control and stuck to the plan.
Helen, Emma and Ethan came for dinner (Ethan didn’t eat anything with him only being 7months old but he did give some nice cuddles).
I made a potato bake type of thing made with potatoes, mushrooms, ham and passata. With that I served mixed veg and a veggie burger for Emma and Helen. I did add cheese to the potatoes, 5 points all together. I put down that I had 2.5 points for the meal even though I was good and put most of the cheese onto Helen and Emma’s plate.

Thu 2nd October 2008
Second day of being good and its going to be a hard one.
I’ve got netball tonight and would normally grab a sandwich but instead I have fruit to eat on the way to netball and will make something to eat when I get in. I’ve got some leftovers from last night so just have to heat it up when I get home.
That’s the plan, now I just have to stick to it!

I hate netball!!!!!

Or I hate sorting the affiliations out anyway.
My cousin was secretary but left because she was pregnant and I took over the role. Affiliations were supposed to be easy, just copy what was last years form.

We had 12 players initially but 2 days before I need to send the forms off I’m down to 9 and there is a 10-player minimum!

A few of the others are helping but there is nothing I can do until the affiliation lady gets back to me about what my options are.

There is one woman who wants to play for us but she is affiliated to another team and they wont say if she will be playing on the A or B team. If it’s the B team then they are in the same group as us so she cant play for both teams. If they would just make a decision it could solve all my problems!


Weight Watchers and Netball

I had to miss weight watchers on Tuesday because I had a meeting with the netball team which I usually wouldn’t mind but my auntie who has been coming to weight watchers with me got to goal and I wasn’t there!!!

I only have 9.5lbs to go which should be easy after losing 60.5lbs right?
Been stuck at this weight for a year now!

This week should be a good one. Off to the gym then swimming tonight, I’m out Friday night for a mates birthday but I have a netball tournament on Saturday which should help me get some points back. Planning on going for a run on Sunday and the gym Monday and if I do all that and don’t eat rubbish I should have a good loss next week.

I also have to sort the affiliations out for netball club at some point over the weekend. This should be easy but still waiting for a few people to confirm if they even want to play for us and try to get the money off a few others.
It will sort itself out in the end, it always does. I’m just panicking right now because its my first year as club secretary and I want everything to run smoothly.


I managed 36 lengths last night at swimming and feel like I’m getting somewhere. Its still not my favourite activity and I doubt it ever will be but I don’t hate it as much as I did a few weeks ago.

I still don’t get how its suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable to go swimming, its hard work and frustrating that everyone one else glides peacefully through the water while I have to work so hard just to stay a float. (I’m not that bad but it feels like it at times)

Then again I think running is relaxing and enjoyable and most people seem to think I’m crazy for that.


I stayed the same weight at weight watchers at last night weight in.
It was expected after bank holiday Monday. My flat mates brought in KFC and I was weak and had some instead of going for a run.
Nothing I can do about it now though apart from draw a line under last week and start a fresh.

So the plan this week is go to the gym Wednesday and Monday, swim on Thursday and go for a run on Saturday.
Stick to the weight watchers core plan and don’t go over my points this week (no junk food) and make sure I get my 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

I’ve got 9 weeks until I meet up with my mates from uni for a little reunion and 9.5lbs to lose to get to goal weight. That’s just over a pound a week, I should be able to do that!

Bad gym session

Had a really bad gym session last night.
The bike went ok but it took me just over 5min to do 1000meters on the rowing machine then after less the 5 minutes on the treadmill I got cramp in my leg.
Stormed out the gym in a complete huff and a slight limp!

Got to go swimming tonight, not my favourite form of exercise and it’s really boring and I’m not that good at it. But my auntie loves it and I’m trying to be supportive. She joined weight watchers a couple of months ago and is doing really well but if I don’t go I don’t think she will.

first 5k timed run tomorrow

Doing my first proper timed 5k run on Saturday. I’ve done a couple of 5k’s recently but not really pushed myself or bothered timing them so tomorrows the day I find out where I’m at.
What I plan on happening is a slowish start and then picking up the pace at the end. What will probably happen is I start off too fast and have noting left at the end and have to slow right down or even walk.

What I really want to know is where I’m at for starting a 10k training program. I’ll have a better idea after the weekend and will then pick a training program.

My cousin is supposed to be coming out for a run on Sunday with me. She’s just starting off but it is nice to have someone tot train with.

I’ve also realised that since none of my family are doing the RFL this year I can get all of them to sponsor me! The past 2 years there has been about 4 of us so we have split the family between us fro sponsorship, this year I get them all!!!!!

I lost half a pound at weight watchers last night taking me to a total loss of 64.5lbs. Only 5.5lbs from goal!!!!!

Netball make me hurt in funny places

I love waking up the morning after a netball match and seeing which muscles hurt this time.
This morning it was my bum and stomach. My neck also hurts but thats an injury I picked up last night so not a fun hurt like my belly is. I will have a flat stomach one day!!!!

We won as well, was a good game and we got a nice lead then held it. They were a good team so we had to keep pushing but I like a competitive game, its boring when you are winning by loads and not even trying.
Wish I’d pushed to play out of position as it would have been good experience for me but no one else really plays GK so it might have weakened us in defence a bit. If I’d asked they would have let me so I need to speak up next time.

Got my weight in tonight then i need to do two runs over the weekend, I’m thinking a little one tomorrow and then 5k on Saturday. Might be training with my cousin on Sunday but not sure how far yet as it will depend on her.